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Stratum provide an end-to-end learning service that delivers value at every step.


Everything from a single course to a large training programme

We have a layered approach to training which is why we stand out from the crowd. We will work with you to build courses and training programmes that are geared to your precise needs. We will meet with you to design and develop a programme for your team that will drive the business forward and deliver genuine benefits to your bottom line.

When our customers need help, we’re always there, training is a means to an end – to be truly effective, training needs to be properly targeted at solving business problems.

Maximising your investment

Each one of our services is designed to achieve the same aim – maximise the return you get from training. This might be through an up-front skills audit (to measure exactly the training you need), help with planning a learning strategy (so that training is aligned to the goals of the business) or with learning analytics (so that you know exactly what the training has achieved). Whatever your needs, we can help – our aim is to build lasting, successful relationships, helping customers get real value from training.

Using our ‘Distance Travelled’ model we are able to measure the progress of every delegate from their starting point before the programme, right through to its completion. By measuring learning progress at key points of delivery, we are able to plot progress and demonstrate the effectiveness of your learning.

Training at Stratum

Consultancy, help and advice

We’re always happy for organisations to exploit our expertise – after all, we’ve been providing training since 2001. We can look at each specific skills need and recommend the most effective (and cost-effective) solution – whether that’s a public, private or customised training course.

Tailored courses

Tailored courses provide a neat halfway house between standard courses and bespoke courses. They are created by taking the components of several standard courses and combining them into one new course – they may not be quite as targeted as a bespoke course, but it takes less time to develop them.



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Meet The Team

If you have a moment you can ‘Meet The Team’ and see for yourself the pedigree of our trainers and staff who are there to help deliver training that makes a real difference.

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Training Facilities

Training Facilities

Our Cardiff training centre is modern and well furnished, with spacious classrooms that are equipped with high-specification PCs and dedicated training equipment.

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