Leadership and Business Management

Management vs Leadership – Identifying the Differences and Understanding where Best to Use Them LBMMVL 1 Days £195 Info
Recruitment and Selection- The Importance of Planning, Preparation and the Selection Process LBMRS 1 Days £195 Info
Problem Solving – Identifying the Cause and Examining Possible Ways to Solve LBMPS 1 Days £195 Info
Team Building – Examining How we Build a Productive Team and Ensuring Individual Stability LBMTB 1 Days £195 Info
Take Time to Make Time – Managing our Time Efficiently and Effectively LBMTM 1 Days £195 Info
Organisational Success – Working with Tasks, Teams and Individuals to Achieve you Goals LBMOS 1 Days £195 Info
The Importance of Productive Communication – Reducing the Causes of Communicative Breakdown LBMPC 1 Days £195 Info
Getting the Best – Using Emotional Intelligence to Get the Best from Yourself and your Team LBMGTB 1 Days £195 Info
Growing Expertise – Appreciating and Developing our In-House Talent to Further Organisational Success LBMGE 1 Days £195 Info
Target Setting- Where they Fit within the Big Picture LBMTS 1 Days £195 Info
The Manager as Mentor – Realising Benefits of Mentoring for the Organisation, Team and Individual LBMAM 2 Days £390 Info
Stress Management in the Workplace – Raising Awareness of the Causes and Effects of Stress LBMSMW 1 Days £195 Info
Profit is the Bottom Line – Understanding How Management Theories Can Improve Business Profitability LBMPBL 1 Days £195 Info
Why Pay Me More? Supporting you through the Most Difficult Aspects of Management LBMWPM 1 Days £195 Info
Reflective Skills – Their Importance in Moving the Business Forward Productively LBMREF 1 Days £195 Info